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Since 1966, Miller Landscape, Inc. has developed itself around one simple principle: provide outstanding residential and commercial landscape services with unsurpassed customer care.   When you choose Miller Landscape you will enjoy working with our well-trained team as we help you determine your goals, establish your budget, and create a beautifully landscaped property that suits all of your needs.


At Miller Landscape we offer COMPLETE care. You don't have to search for different contractors for every service or juggle invoices from multiple companies. We're here for you with experts to handle whatever landscaping needs you have! 

Give us a call at (248) 391-2889 today and let us know you are interested in more complete care. We can set you up with a complete package of services with one consistent monthly bill. We want to give people the best service they have ever had working with a landscape company and we want to start with YOU!


Enhancing your landscape

It's almost back to school already, the summer is moving way too fast! There's still time to get your project completed this year though. Don't wait until next spring to get that dream yard!

Give us a call today to discuss your options.

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Caring for your landscape

Fall will be here soon enough and that means that leafs will be falling everywhere. While that usually means more work, it doesn't have to be. We love clearing flower beds and yards of fallen leaves. We use the leaves to create great compost for our customers. You can get a clean yard this fall and add some quality compost in the future!

To learn more about the many landscape maintenance services we here!

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