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It's time for Holiday Lights!

Oct 31

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10/31/2014 11:02 AM  RssIcon

Some friends of mine used to always tell us to hang our lights early while the weather was still nice. I couldn't do it myself, I think I was too stubborn, hanging Christmas lights before Halloween just didn't seem right. As I get older, the advice continues to look wiser and wiser. Halloween is here, today in fact, and the weather has taken a dramatic turn this weekend. If you haven't hung your lights or haven't made plans to hang them, our advice is don't wait!

As a company we don't have as much choice, we hang lights in almost every weather condition, as long as its safe of course. We also keep all the lights stored in one of our large maintenance buildings, so at least they are dry and warm to begin with. We have a lift and specialized equipment to help us reach difficult spots like tree tops, roof lines, and light poles. If you have dangerous or hard to reach spots, we're always happy to help. 

As the weather continues to get colder, wetter, and we see the first snowflakes of the year, hanging lights becomes less enjoyable and more dangerous. It's still a tradition and something many people take pride in doing. We love to see all of the custom displays. Whether you have a classic style with all white lights or want to play things up and have lots of bright colors, it's amazing how warm and inviting a decorated house looks! My personal favorite is the classic white lights that have a yellow tint to them. They make everything feel warm. Although, having kids makes me appreciate all the fun colors and flashing lights that they love.

If you're hanging lights this year, stay safe, have fun, and remember to give us a call if you need a hand!


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