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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Features


I have always wanted a pond in my back yard, but I don't know much about how they work.   Are there any resources I could use to educate myself about ponds?


      • Absolutely.  Aquascape, the premier supplier of all things related to ponds, offers a terrific manual that covers all aspects of pond...from fish to myths!  Click below to read and/or download this very helpful document.   

        The Pond Owner's Manual by Aquascape.



My husband is jumping on the "green" band wagon and wants to have a rainwater capture system installed.  Can you explain this system to me? 


      • We would be happy to.  But since a picture is worth a thousand words, we offer this helpful brochure from Aquascape.  It does a great job of defining their rainwater capture system and the benefits to your landscape, your wallet, and the earth.  

         Rainwater Capture System by Aquascape.  



















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