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Live Walls

A Live Wall is a most unique way to provide elevations in the landscape, retain soil and create gorgeous displays of greenery.  We were so impressed with the Live Wall system by Hortech that we became the sole distributor of this modular concrete product for southeast Michigan in 2005.


In 2009, we were invited by  St. Clair Community College in Port Huron to install a live wall on their campus.  They were so excited about the project, the asked Bob Miller to teach mini-classes to their students on the advantages and construction of live walls.


Since there are over 100 plants suitable for filling the “troughs” in this wall system, the look of each one can be unique, from subtle to splashy.  Choose from colorful ground covers,  annuals,  perennials, herbs or even strawberries!  [Watering and a bit of weeding are needed until the vegetation fills in, when it will mask the soil and exclude weed development.]   The concept of plantable walls is certainly not new, and if you would enjoy seeing some world famous ones, click below!

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