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Hot Tubs

Ahhh.  You have your sights set on a hot tub.  You can almost feel the warm massage of the soothing bubbles as you sit in the lounge seat.   Now what?

Call on Miller Landscape to handle all the details.  Our design team will help you with one of the most important decisions in having a hot tub or spa: where to locate it on your property.   Privacy from neighbors, distance from the home, proximity to a water source and many other factors contribute to the appearance and ultimately the overall use of the hot tub by you and your family.   You'll want to see the stars, but not your neighbor's dog run.  We will also advise you on the local ordinances regarding set backs from your property lines and overhead wires, the need for fencing or locking covers, etc.  With comfortable steps, benches and attractive plantings we will create the back yard oasis you deserve.  So go ahead and choose your hot tub.  We'll handle the rest.


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