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Garden Structures

Garden structures are architectural elements added to the landscape for reasons both functional and aesthetic.  This broad category includes everything from gazebos [outdoor sitting rooms] to simple trellises for climbing plant material to provide privacy.  Pergolas are freestanding garden structures, used as outdoor sitting areas over a deck or patio, with an open slat roof to provide partial shade for you and your guests.  Arbors are smaller structures, usually with an arched top, that are often placed over a walkway or gate.  Arbors can also be used as a garden “marker:” a focal point to draw you into a special space in the landscape. 

A garden structure adds an element of interest to your landscape by drawing your eye upward.  Landscapes are generally constructed on horizontal planes.  By adding a custom built architectural element, we can enhance your outdoor environment with a beautiful focal point that adds very pleasant new dimension.


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