Lighting Types

Miller Landscape offers several types of low voltage landscape lighting systems.  These systems utilize 12 volt electrical instead of the 120 volts delivered by regular household current. The 12-volt systems do not require an electrician and they allow  for fixtures to be added and adjusted while the system is plugged in and turned on.  This is very helpful in helping our customers visualize the lighting effects we are suggesting.

Within the category of low voltage systems,  we install 3 types:

Whatever system you choose, the design uses for outdoor landscape lighting are many:

  • Up-lighting to provide ambient light in the living areas or along perimeters

  • Down-lighting to provide targeted light from above for focal points

  • Step lighting to safely guide guests to various levels of the landscape

  • Underwater lighting to add drama to ponds and waterfalls

  • Railing lighting to provide subtle definition to deck spaces

  • Path lighting to draw guests into the different areas of the landscape

  • Wall washers to cast a gentle glow over building exteriors or perimeter plantings

  • Pillar lights to add dimension to modular concrete features in the landscape

  • Silhouette lighting to provide dramatic accents by casting light behind specific design elements

A tastefully illuminated landscape adds significant curb appeal to any property, provides extended hours of enjoyment and also serves as a deterrent for would-be intruders.




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