A Design That is Yours

Each design that we create is unique to you. It is YOUR design, it addresses YOUR goals, it is for YOUR property, and we want to make sure that YOU feel like the design is YOURS.

In order to do this we designed a process that puts you first. 

The first step starts with one of our professional sales representatives. After discussing your goals for your property, they will recommend you have a design created to ensure you accomplish all of your goals.

After you agree to purchase a design a meeting is scheduled with a member of the design team. A design questionnaire is sent over for you to fill out to help organize your thoughts on paper. That way, the designer can review what you have written before the initial design consult.

The first meeting is where the designer will come out with your sales representative to spend some time getting to know you and your property. Your goals will be discussed in greater detail and the designer will attempt to gather as much information as is needed to produce the initial design concept. The property will be measured, photographed, and elevation measurements may be gathered as well.

Next, the designer will create a design concept based on all the information they have gathered. Your sales representative will set up a meeting for you to review the design concept. In the design review you will determine whether or not the concept is what you want. You will learn how your goals were addressed and why your design was created the way it was.

You may be able to make decisions and provide feedback in that meeting that will help the designer make necessary adjustments to complete your design or you may want some time to think about things. Either way is fine. At this point, finer details like material and plant choices will be introduced.

Once your feedback is received, your designer will make the changes you requested and put together your detailed, final design. 

For projects that have lots of different features and complexities, a second design review meeting may take place.

If there are special requirements, such as wetland easements, setback easements, local codes, and other concerns, we can customize a design package and take care of all of the approvals and paper work for you for an additional fee. Our knowledge and experience in handling these issues can take all of the hassle out of the process and proves to be a great value to our customers.

In the end, we want you to have a great experience, whether it is the first time you call in, the design review, or an account review 3 years down the road.

What will your design look like?


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