More About Sprinkling Systems

When you have our Irrigation Team design and install your automatic sprinkling system, you can rest assured that they have covered all the details. They have thoroughly evaluated your site for soil type, slope and type of plant material in order to create the proper zones. They have determined the amount of available water pressure to assure efficient operation of each zone.   And they have installed and tested the proper equipment to meet the specific needs of your site.
    • The corrrect back-flow prevention device, a requirement to insure against contamination of the water source in the event of a sudden loss of system pressure.

    • A selection of irrigation heads that accomodate the watering needs of each area of your property

                  Spray heads

        Spray heads either pop-up out of the ground or have a stationary head. They are most commonly used on small areas of turf, shrubs or flower beds. There are heads designed to spray in all different patterns, depending on the area to be watered.

                  Rotor heads

        Rotor heads are useful in covering large areas, and typically apply water more uniformly than spray heads. Rotors can spray in full or part circle patterns, and can emit either a single stream or multiple streams of water.

                  Drip heads 

        Drip style irrigation is a third option that is becoming increasingly popular for planting beds.  Drip irrigation uses a special tube or hose with holes or emitters [tiny tubes with miniature heads] along it. These emitters may be spaced with a fixed distance to cover uniform, closely spaced beds, or randomly to only water certain plants.  You can even have your individual pots and planters watered this way, and just watch your annuals flourish!  Retire that watering can and enjoy.  Since drip irrigation applies water directly to the soil, it is very efficient for many non-turf areas. 
    • A state-of-the-art programmable controller that provides you with the maximum benefits of an automated system


      • The ability to seasonally adjust the amount of watering required [your landscape needs less in the spring and fall than it does in the summer]  When you sign up for a Maintenance Plan, we do this for you, without you having to call us.
      • The ability to water during the hours that reduce water loss due to evaporation [typically late evening to very early morning hours]]
      • The ability to honor local watering restrictions that are sometimes instituted in periods of drought  [No need to remember your specified days...just adjust the controller!]]
      • The ability to provide extra water to new plantings or tender annuals by adjusting zone run times]  We can teach you how to operate your controller so you can make desired adjustments yourself.
      • The ability to protect your optimal settings in case of a power outage, by means of the battery backup system included in your controller
      • The ability to go on vacation and return to a vibrant, healthy landscape!

A system that can accomplish all of the above, obviously requires timely and proper care.  Since we are dedicated to providing total landscape solutions to our customers, we have a simple way to guarantee your sprinkling system's efficient operation and proper seasonal maintenance. 

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