Michigan Irrigation Solutions

Automatic irrigation systems allow consumers to roll up that web of hoses and be assured that their entire landscape is being watered evenly, at the correct times, and with the correct amount of water.  Today's automatic systems are controlled by programmable, computerized timers that can be set to water at the right time. We can program your system to effectively cover your lawn or landscape plants while taking into account individual watering needs of the different areas of teh yard and local watering restrictions. We can add a rain sensor to avoid watering when it's not needed, which helps minimize risks of disease and wasting water.

When you have Miller Landscape design and install your irrigation system, you will be working with a seasoned team of professional irrigation installers who will offer you the latest in irrigation design and technology.  We offer custom solutions that are designed with your goals and your property in mind. From a traditional spray and rotor system to the increasingly popular drip system [water drips directly into the root system of each plant for maximum efficiency.]
for planting beds, to hybrid and highly customized systems.

We invite you to end the hassles of crossing your fingers through weather reports, dragging hoses and rotating sprinkler positions, and arranging for someone to water while you go on vacation.  Let us design, install and maintain an automated irrigation system that is configured to meet the specific needs of your landscape.

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