Specific Drainage Solutions

When you hire our team to troubleshoot your drainage issues, we will evaluate the grades and any existing drainage systems on your property.  We then custom design and install a comprehensive system that will include one or more of the following elements:

  • Appropriate re-grading of problem areas to provide prudent water flow


  • Installation of an underground pvc piping system, usually connected to an existing gutter system, to properly re-route water runoff.  The pipes are positioned with the proper slope to ensure correct water flow, and the outlets should be checked periodically to keep them clear of leaves and debris.  We often utilize this type of system around in-ground swimming pools.  Appropriately sized catch basins are strategically placed in the brick pavers or concrete of the pool deck to prevent puddling.


  • Planting of appropriate, deep rooted shrubs and turf to absorb surface water, especially near driveways and other large, flat areas. 


  • Construction of a swale [a broad depression created in a lawn area to aggressively route water to an appropriate outlet on the property: a stream, a street, a wooded area, etc.]  Swales are sodded for the sake of appearance as well as erosion control.


  • Installation of a dry stream bed [a stone-lined channel or gully that mimics a natural water flow.]  Well-designed dry stream beds can be attractive additions to the landscape as well as provide an especially effective solution for storm runoff from heavy rains.


  • Construction of a French drain [a trench containing a perforated pipe that is covered with gravel or rock.]  French drains quickly vent water that seeps down through the upper gravel or rock.  They are often utilized along building foundations and behind retaining walls. 

Investing in your drainage system may be less exciting than other, more visible aspects of your landscape.  It is, however, an important, preliminary step that must be taken to assure an attractive, functional and safe exterior environment that you can appreciate and enjoy for years to come.


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