Drainage Problems

Water is an essential component to any landscape, but when it is not "routed" correctly throughout the property, it can become a most frustrating problem.  Inadequate drainage can cause building damage, destroy plant material, wreak havoc with brick pavers and become a safety issue on walkways in the winter.  Miller Landscape has over 44 years of experience in evaluating drainage problems on both commercial and residential sites, and then designing systems to provide  permanent solutions.

Proper drainage of any site begins with correct, post-construction grading.  Unfortunately, the ground continues to settle long after the builder leaves and even a properly graded site can eventually be plagued with water issues.  Locations that are "downhill" from neighboring properties and  poorly maintained gutter systems can also contribute to puddling, erosion and other water related problems. 

Our experienced team and their state-of-the-art equipment are available to reduce the mud, damage and ice build-up that result from poor drainage on your property.

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