Water Feature Maintenance

Whenever the unique allure of water is being incorporated into your landscape, there are some basic maintenance requirements that must be met. Similar to a swimming pool or hot tub, there are important tasks that need to be completed, particularly in the spring and fall, in order to keep your water feature clean, functioning properly and attractive.

Our customers with water feature maintenance agreements know that our team will arrive in the spring to clean out all the organic matter that naturally accumulates over a Michigan winter. They then pump all the water out [taking good care of any fish that have been over-wintered] and check the pump, lines and any underwater lighting fixtures you may have. Then they start the water feature up for the season, so that you can just view it with pleasure until the late fall weather beckons the team back to winterize.

Winterization of water features is done in a variety of ways, depending on if there are fish involved. Stand-alone fountains and pond-less waterfalls are simply cleaned, drained and have the pumps shut off. If you enjoy the miniature eco-system of a full-blown pond, our team will discuss your options for making sure your fish are well provided for in their home under the ice.

We can even arrange to come out regularly, during the season, to keep your water feature looking pristine, every day,  without you having to lift a finger [or a net!]


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