Lawn Aeration

Miller Landscape strongly recommends annual aeration for vibrant, healthy lawns.  Aeration reduces compaction which is a condition in which soil is "smashed"  tightly together, making it difficult for water, air, nutrients, and the roots of your grass to get down into the dirt.  Compaction can be caused by a several things – excessive traffic, hard rainfalls, rainfalls that cause flooding and/or standing water (forcing all the oxygen out of the soil,) sodium in your city water, or just by the type of soil you have.  (So many of us are "blessed" with Michigan clay!)

The process of lawn aeration loosens the soil and allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate and therefore allow the roots of your grass to proliferate more easily.  Miller Landscape provides  core aeration for your lawn areas, which means we use a machine to remove “plugs” of lawn that are ½” - ¾ “ in depth.   As the soil naturally expands to fill the holes over a few weeks’ time, the surrounding soil is allowed to loosen, reducing the overall compaction of the soil. The plugs that are scattered on the lawn eventually break down to form a valuable top dressing that enriches the soil near the surface and helps break down thatch.  This service is usually provided in the fall.  Aeration increases the effectiveness of your watering because the water will be able to soak into your lawn more easily. (If you notice that water is running off your lawn when you’re watering, this may be a sign that you need to aerate, which could save you money on your water bill!)

Benefits of aeration include:

    • Reduced soil compaction 
    • Improved water penetration 
    • Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere 
    • Improved fertilizer uptake and usage 
    • Reduced water runoff and puddling 
    • Improved rooting 
    • Improved resiliency and cushioning 
    • Enhanced thatch breakdown


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