Brick Paver Sealing

Concrete pavers get their color by adding pigment to cement. Over time, the surface does wear down from traffic and weather, causing a gradual change in color. Sealing your concrete pavers can prevent not only fading of color, but also accumulation of dirt. Sealing your concrete pavers will also ensure easier surface cleaning and enhance the existing color. Miller Landscape is pleased to offer you a way to protect your pavers [and your investment] with a sealing process that will:
  • Highlight the original color and warmth of your pavers’ pattern

  • Help deter the growth of weeds and moss in the joints

  • Increase resistance to grease and oil stains

  • Offer you a choice of either  a natural or high luster [“wet look”] finish

  • Provide fresh, new look for your patio or walkway

Since proper sealing involves special cleaning, preparation and coating of your pavers, we invested in the professional certification of several of our team members who have completed the training and exams required to become Certified Applicators of Techniseal products. Techniseal manufactures the finest of paver cleaning and sealing products in the world.  We are proud to be one of only 4 companies in Southeast Michigan to be trained and certified by Techniseal.

This is the process our team will follow to provide a “face lift” for your paver patios and walkways:

  • First, they remove oil, rust and other stains [if possible] from your pavers
  • Next, they clean them thoroughly with Techniseal Efflorescence or Hardscape Cleaners.  [Efflorescence is a white residue caused by lime released within concrete pavers. It does not always occur and it does not damage the paver, but most of our customers prefer to have it removed for “cosmetic” reasons.]
  • Finally, the team applies long-lasting, highly regarded, Techniseal paver protection in either a mat or satin finish.  This sealant won’t peel or turn yellow and it resists calcium.  

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