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 The merits of mulching your planting beds are many, especially when you utilize organic mulch. Organic mulch, when applied correctly, benefits your landscape in the following ways:

  • Conserves moisture in the soil by decreasing water loss
  • Provides a manicured look to the landscape
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Minimizes weed germination and growth
    [especially when you have our team pre-treat your planting
    beds with a pre-emergent product]
  • Helps to moderate the temperature of the soil
    [the roots of your plants will thank you in summer and winter!]
  • Adds nutrients to the soil following decomposition

With our focus on environmental responsibility, Miller Landscape has invested in extensive recycling equipment that enables us to produce our own high quality, double-ground, organic mulch. We even have state-of-the-art equipment to "blow" the mulch into your beds so that you end up with a nice, even depth and no wheelbarrow damage to your lawn or plants! 

Of course, we can provide any type of mulch you may choose and we can also deliver mulch to your driveway if you would rather spread it yourself.  Either way, mulch is a valuable and attractive addition to any landscape.


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