Bed Maintenance

As the ground thaws in the early spring months, it is not only the prized perennials that begin to emerge. The weed population begins to germinate and spread their root systems to vie for their share of space, nutrients and sunlight. Pro-active planting bed maintenance is truly a mainstay for a vibrant, healthy landscape.

Weeding is a tedious, often frustrating job.  Spare your knees and have Miller Landscape maintain your beds!

We carefully treat your planting areas early to discourage weed growth, and then take care of the ones that invariably pop through.  You tell us how often you would like it done, depending on how weed-free you want your property to be. Our staff suggests monthly bed maintenance visits. 

A fresh layer of double-ground mulch and a professional edging will make your beds a joy to view, from both inside and out.


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