Michigan Homeowners Associations

We like to simplify things for Home Owners Association members and their residents.

To do this we start by providing high quality services and customer focused care. High quality service means less complaints, less problems, and less time spent dealing with them. This high level of service applies to lawn care, irrigation, snow removal, paver installation, and any other landscape need that you could have.


Next, through providing complete landscaping services, we are able to leverage our own presence and be proactive about potential problems or concerns. For example, a lawn crew may notice that the irrigation system needs adjustments to fix dry or wet spots in the lawn areas. Rather than waiting for a resident to complain and then tracking down another contractor to look at things, our lawn crew would inform your account manager of the problem so he could discuss how we can resolve the issue for you. 



Instead of placing all the management responsibility on an individual or a landscaping committee that has to work with multiple contractors and contacts, we simplify things and give you one dedicated account manager. They are there to proactively manage your property and ensure that you always know who to call and what to expect. We promise to return your call within 24 hours at the most (although typically it will be much sooner). We may not have an answer right away but we'll be there to discuss things and will start working on an answer right away.

To simplify payments and billing, we offer package pricing with one consistent monthly payment. Instead of having variable payments with multiple contractors, you get one bill for the same amount, every month. That simplifies cash flow, reduces paper work, and gets rid of surprises.

Lastly, we make decision-making simpler. We're an established company with experienced employees.  We provide expert information that you can trust because our advice is based on knowledge and experience.


"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you! After 2+ years of less than quality service from a previous company, I am so glad that we have made the decision to use your company for all of our landscaping needs. After your first day on the job here at Autumn Ridge, we could already see a significant improvement in the looks of our grounds. I would also like to let you know how much we appreciate the crew members that have come to our property. They are always very polite, courteous, and above all, professional."  -S. Aldrich Retirement Community in Clarkston, MI.



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